Feel every degree.

The Leukerbad’s living experience

In Switzerland’s Valais region, surrounded by some of Europe’s most pictorial mountains, there is a secret to be discovered. A multitude of moments come together to create novelty as a whole. For when there is choice, you have luxury. But when every choice is crafted to be something more, you have 51° Spa Residences. The ease of modernity blends with the wonder of nature, relaxation is introduced to thrilling heights, and the unexpected becomes standard. Our vision for 51° has been to create a resort destination unlike any other – the very definition of intricately crafted living in the 21st century.

51° combines infinite amenities of modern living with Swiss charm; it is where traditions of Roman, Russian and Swiss bathhouses are not just integrated into everyday life, but are integrated into homes. It is where the benchmark is set for pioneering health and wellness opportunities, as Leukerbad’s most extraordinary asset – its thermal mineral mountain water – is delivered pure to our resort and select residences. 51° Spa Residences is authentic but elegant, classic yet modern, capturing when a moment of serenity combines with unexpected adventure. We invite you to indulge your senses, and feel every degree.
180°The panoramic view from the living room balcony, overlooking the surrounding mountains and valley.
Thermal Water

Leukerbad’s overflowing abundance of thermal, mineral water flows pure from springs located deep within the mountains. The effects of thermal waters have long been documented, from therapeutic virtues and longevity to benefits for body and mind. Every day, Leukerbad’s mountains source an amazing 3.9 million litres of unmixed thermal water, or approximately 3,000 litres of water per minute. The water ranges from lukewarm to a tantalizing 51° – or better known as authentic, undiluted perfection.
Authentic Leukerbad

The town of Leukerbad, located at 1400m above sea level in Switzerland’s majestic canton of Valais, is nestled between Lake Geneva and the Rhône Glacier, a crossroads between French, German and Italian borders. Leukerbad has been a coveted destination since Roman times, when travellers undertook arduous journeys just to experience the village’s famed thermal waters and baths. Today, Leukerbad is somewhat of a hidden gem – a peaceful location for families and friends to relax and unwind, where security and tranquillity go hand in hand. Within easy driving distance from Switzerland’s major cities and a number of European destinations, it is also just 40 minutes from Sion’s private airport. And with surroundings ranging from pristine nature and scenic mountains to charming villages, the area is a playground to discover, 365 days a year.

Natural Surroundings

While modern amenities are abundant at 51° Spa Residences, the village’s natural surroundings have been largely untouched by mankind, making it an ideal location to explore with the whole family. In winter the area transforms into an idyllic, icy brilliance, with peaks of the Rinderhorn mountains powered by cascades of pure white snow. In summer, vivid green forests, lush pastures and rolling orchards pair with wild flowers that carpet the slopes and fields. And with over 300 days of sunshine every year, Leukerbad is an open invitation that’s beckoning to be explored.
51°The temperature of thermal water running pure from Leukerbad’s mountains.
An Outdoor Wonderland, 365 Days a Year

51°’Spa Residences commitment to wellness extends far beyond its spa facilities. No matter the season, Leukerbad delivers an array of outdoor activities year round. It is an ideal setting to join family and friends to experience extraordinary moments together in nature – there are endless adventure opportunities for serenity-seekers or the whole family. Clear winter days call for skating, curling and husky-led sledge rides to downhill skiing, snow-shoeing, paragliding and snow-tubing. In summer months, the sun’s warmth is the perfect backdrop for mountain hikes, rock climbing, golfing or hiking Swiss trails. Tennis, squash, badminton and swimming facilities are open year-round. Leukerbad and neighbouring areas offer more than 200 km of hiking trails, 52 km of ski and snowboard slopes, 30 km of cross-country trails, and 40 km of winter hiking trails. Whether alone or with loved ones, there are endless memories to be made.
23°The perfect weather for a summer hike through the canton of Valais.
Discover the new Heart of Leukerbad

51° plaza, located in the centre of the resort, will feature a contemporary light and water installation that symbolizes the rejuvenation of Leukerbad. Acting as a living canvas and breathing new life into the historic setting, the ever-changing artistic installation will echo both the fluidity of Leukerbad’s waters and the magnificence of surrounding mountains. Every evening the show – which combines light, video and sound – will bring together both visitors and residents of Leukerbad. It will enhance the natural features and history of the area while adding a joie de vivre to the setting. With nearby boutiques, fine dining restaurants, a wine bar and activities for children, the plaza promises to be a spirited gathering place for the entire family – a unique and magical destination for both 51° residents and visitors alike.
360°An immersive, encompassing art installation rests in the centre of the Plaza.
A discreet luxury

The architectural concept of 51° Spa Residences combines traditional Swiss craftsmanship with the clean, streamlined freedom of modern design. Inspired by the extraordinary landscape of the valley and its thermal waters, internationally-renowned architects Michael Graves & Associates sought to create a design that merges luxury with nature.
21°A balmy summer’s night is best enjoyed with great company at the 51° wine bar and restaurant.
“We immediately recognized the potential of the site
to create a central, active space for social gathering,
and a focal point within the town.”
says Gary Lapera, lead architect.

“The architectural character of the buildings – featuring slate roofs, rugged stone walls and façades of rough-hewn timbers – is a contemporary expression of Alpine building traditions. Inside, 28 private residences await. Creating what Gary Lapera calls “a new paradigm for resort living,” the residences are split over two interconnected serviced buildings. Inside, wide plank floors and high, beamed ceilings blend with unique materials such as white quartz, granite, reclaimed oak and slate, while massive open fireplaces are sourced from local boulders.

“As with the buildings’ exteriors, the interiors incorporate
natural materials – principally stone and wood – reinforcing
the experience of luxurious indoor-outdoor living.”
Gary Lapera explains.

Perched on the crest of a gentle grade in the historic old town, the positioning of 51° preserves scenic views of the mountains, which are equally visible from every suite. With the surrounding area kept clear for pedestrian routes – and with a lively plaza at the centre of 51° – the entire design has been carefully crafted to create a place that’s perfectly suited for celebration and connection.
39°A warm, bubbling Jacuzzi beckons for a quiet moment.
Your Wellness
Laying the foundation for the next generation luxury market, 51° will house one of the most exclusive and unique thermal experiences in the world. The result is an unparalleled oasis of wellness – a setting that’s tailored to longevity and peace for body, mind and soul.
Your at-home spa

At 51°, endless wellness opportunities are integrated into daily living, allowing residents to lead lifestyles of vitality, rejuvenation and longevity. The authenticity of the alpine world is matched inside 51° Spa Residences, which are equipped with personal spa facilities. Indoor-outdoor soaking pools, steam rooms, and indoor master bathtubs are all fed by dedicated supply of Leukerbad’s thermal water; a glorious mineral bath awaits at any time of day. The result brings the healing power of nature directly into the homes; it is a pioneering concept in Europe and one that leads the world for its innovative approach to a healthy lifestyle. It is more than just a wellness trend – it is a promise for a better life.
A refreshing breath of crisp morning autumn air, while soaking in an outdoor thermal bath.
51° Spa Amenities

51° includes an 860-sq-m thermal spa and wellness centre, which features a contemporary interpretation of two timeless wellness rituals: Russian Banya and Alpine bathhouse. Dedicated to residents and their guests, these historical traditions are reinvented in a modern yet authentic context. The unique bathhouse consists of three distinct thermal water experiences: an indoor mineral pool, outdoor mineral pool with gardens, and array of hydromassage features. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art boutique fitness studio includes cardio, strength and mind components, with on-site experts for one-of-a-kind training programs. Overall, 51° Spa Residences health experience is grounded in both ancient traditions and the pristine natural setting; 51° spa reflects this inspired synergy with a new, refreshing spirit.
37°is the temperature of the thermal water as you relax in your private terrace pool.
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51° Spa Residences is a vision to bring nature and modernity together and craft a new standard of living.
It is a residence of storybook proportions nestled in the heart of Leukerbad. The first of its kind, it has been
uniquely crafted to incorporate an overflowing abundance of thermal water sourced from local springs.

With studios starting at CHF 495,000, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary.

46°The latitudinal coordinates of the charming Swiss village of Leukerbad.